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also known as the Fragrant Harbour, or the Pearl of the Orient, became a colony under the british empire between 1842 and 1997. During this period, many Chinese emigrated there from the mainland, among them were a large number of kungfu masters. Despite the island's exposure to the changes of the modern world, Hong Kong has preserved a strong portion of China's traditions and culture, particularly in the field of martial arts and medicine. TAO instructors are trained in Hungkuen Kungfu at the Lam Family Hung Kuen Kungfu School in North Point, Hong Kong.
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Martial Arts Program in Hong Kong, in partnership with the Lam Family Hungkuen School, consists in training students and instructors in Hungkuen Kungfu. Seminars are organised and TAO members participate in tournaments held in Hong Kong, in order to refine their skill and become better instructors in their home countries.