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Also known as Hung Ga Kungfu or Tiger & Crane Kungfu, Hungkuen Kungfu is a Chinese martial art that traces its roots back to the Temple of Shaolin. This boxing art mainly practiced in Southern China includes low stances and complex hand techniques. Practitioners perform various sets which require years of daily training to master.

The forms imitate the tiger, the crane, and other Shaolin animals such as the dragon, the snake and the leopard. There are also weapons forms and two-men sets, as well as internal energy (Qi Gong) sets.

Kungfu families have played a strong role in Chinese society and schools are known as a space where individuals regardless of their social class were welcome to unite and train under the guidance of a master.

The kungfu practiced by TAO instructors and students has been passed down from Shaolin by the Lam Family School in North Point, Hong Kong. Exchange programs will strengthen the level of the team and provide them with an opportunity to discover the world of traditional martial arts in Hong Kong.
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